What Our Customers Say.....

"Just had an early lunch of El Toro Pepper Steak pie and my Mrs had a Chicken & Mushroom.  Washed down with a Cream Soda. Lara, Kev not only are you folk in the childhood memory business, but you're darned good at it.  Thanks for the lekker pies!!" (Kenneth & Karen)

"Lara, I have to tell you this.  That was the best biltong you have made so far.  Well done! Mark says it's some of the best he's ever tasted! Just brilliant....don't change that recipe, not even slightly. " (Mark & Sonja)

"Hi Lara, my bosses absolutely loved the burgers.  Thank you so much for the recommendation and it will become part of my future menu plannings " (Natalia, Private Yacht Chef)

Our chief engineer went home this week and sent a message saying that your biltong has ruined biltong for him!! His wife apparently bought him a whole lot and he gave it to his dog because it was nowhere near as good as yours!!